Jared Q Gerlach

I'm originally from Arizona, but I have been a resident of the west of Ireland for the past decade.

I have been captivated by photographs and photographers since I was very young. While growing up, I had friends with a photography business and I absorbed as much as I could whenever I visited their studio and darkroom. I've been an active photographer for over 30 years.

Today, I would consider myself a "generalist" photographer, but there's no doubt that my background in biological science influences my view on the world and my choice of subject matter. My favorite places on Earth are the deserts and dry lands of North America, but I have learned to love the mountains and bogs of Connemara as well.

Featured and Winning Images

RayBiotech Annual Calendar Competition - Selected 2018

European Commission Panorama Magazine - Issue 62, p.54

Fascinating Flora - Winner 2017

French-Irish Glyco Meeting - Galway, 2017

Environmental Protection Agency - Cover of Research 150, 2015

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